Free Startup ideas – Part 1

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Starting this new year by giving away some of the ideas that I have. Hope is that someone will refine them and come up with a good business plan. Alternatively, I am also willing to discuss with the interested junta. Ok, without making you all wait any further, here are some of the ideas for free.

Idea #1 Contextual print ad

Am I kidding here? Nope. Even ads in newspapers could be contextual. Infact they are. Have you seen articles like “SME market booming in india” in your newspaper and down the line a cute bank ad promising bigger loans to SMEs? That is contextual for you. Right now, those ads are acquired through means like phones, direct marketing. Why not build a site around this service. Make it easy for publishers and advertisers to communicate at the same time maintain privacy, so that some other publisher will not able to plagiarize and publish similar content? The same logic could be extended for Magazines also!

Idea #2 Community based job portal

Most of the companies offer referral fee to employees. When an employee refers someone, obviously that will have more weightage than a referral made by a job consultant. Why not build a community around this idea? People could post something about their company’s requirements along with some additional tit bits like pay package that could be expected, onsite opportunities, may be about the idle period (bench :)). Interested people could forward their resume. This is kinda like forum + job search. Now there are interesting monetizing opportunities here, which I don’t want to reveal. (Why should I?). If you are smart enough, figure out yourself! I know that there are lot of players even in this arena. But none of them got kicked off.

Based on the response for this post, I will be posting more ideas in parts. Don’t forget to leave your comments.


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6 Responses to “Free Startup ideas – Part 1”

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Contextual Ads are there to say though interesting thing would be how one can create a software which can be used by printing companies for mapping out advertisements to content. Currently its been done by manual traffickers but that intelligence requires time to be done manually find patterns and then go for automation.

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1. Not gonna be easy. The concept of advertisement, and selling space itself is quite tough. Usually they dont have a “inventory” to choose from, which is what happens with digital media.

2. Techtribe. Done.

(1) Yes most of them dont have an inventory to choose from. But what if we create such an inventory. The challenge lies in convincing the traditional newspapers to start creating this inventory by providing tools to manage them easily. The same tool if we well written could be used for other media like TV as well. Like a website where advertisers can bid for the next ad in IPL …

The second idea is quite good, and simple.

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