8 event tips for startups

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Two major events any Indian Startup would be gearing up for – Proto and headstart, unfortunately are overlapping this month. This post is not for discussing why they are overlapping etc. Instead, going to present some tips for all the startups planning to showcase in these events.

Tip #1 – Know thy event

You cannot show a 10 minute aishwarya video and then start to present. You need to follow the timings strictly. In case of Proto, they offer you just 6 mins (360 seconds). So plan your talk/demo/presentation accordingly. If two people are going to take turns during the presentation, dont waste too much time during getting mic etc. Proto gives you a dry-run option, a day before the event. But do take even that seriously. Because the chances are same people in the panel might come on the next day as well. If they get impressed on the first day itself, you will have a genuine advantage during day two.

Tip #2 – How about a company T-shirt?

How about the team going in your own T-shirt. I am sure every one would do this. If not, our guys at Myntra, dilsebol, pringoo could help you out.

Tip #3 – Plan your presentations

Start working on the presentation atleast a week before the event. Take sufficient backups of the presentation. If you feel that few things cannot be explained in detail, then come up with a handout. You are free to distribute these handouts before your presentations. Also carry a windows or mac laptop. Don’t try to be geeky and say I will use only linux. Linux is terribly bad for presentations and you will lose the entire 6 mins you have, in fixing the xorg.conf and restarting X! Do some trial presentations in your office, record them and figure out where you could improve. Also, it is advicable to talk using a entrepreneur language rather than a technical language. For instance, it is very much fine, if you say User Interface would talk to the back end, instead of saying erlyweb would talk to mnesia.

Tip #4 – Plan for the obvious and non-obvious questions

Obvious questions would be Revenue model, Road map, Exit strategy, Competitors, Market. You should be able to answer these even during your sleep. Be prepared for non-obvious ones too.

Tip #5 – Plan your returns

Alright you get selected and present in one of these events. Have a clear idea as to why you are presenting. Is it for attracting investors or partners or for some people to work along. Presenting just for getting buzz shouldn’t be the case. Coz, bloggers like me would me pretty much present and we would not hesitate to bash left and right, if your business idea suck!

Tip #6 – Prepare about other startups who will be presenting along with you

It might so happen that two startups have overlapping ideas. In such a case, one would be tagged to be “clone” of the other. If you get such a tag, it is very difficult to rectify them throughout.

Tip #7 – Learn from others’ mistake

Obvious from the heading right …

Tip #8 – Have a checklist

Checklist of items you are going to carry/to do. Or take a print out of this post and add your specific things to the list.

Have I missed out anything here. Kindly add them using the comments section.


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