myntra vs pringoo vs dilsebol

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Was thinking about writing this post for a while, managed to find time now. Lets compare the Indian startups in online printing business.

#1 What each of them offer?

Myntra: T-shirt, Coaster, Jigsaw, Mousepad, Mugs, Greeting card, Keychain, Poster

Update: Reader Rahul says myntra also offer Calendars, Mirrors, Notepads and Ceramic Plates.

Pringoo: T-shirt, Coaster, Mousepad, Bag, Teddybear, Mug

Dilsebol: T-shirt, Coaster, Mousepad, Tile, Mug

(Highlighted the products not offered by others)

Conclusion: Myntra offers you more customized products.

#2 Mode of payments:

Myntra: Almost all payment methods including netbanking, cash on delivery

Pringoo: Credit card, Cash on delivery, Cheque

Dilsebol: All except Cash on delivery

Conclusion: Dont find big difference here also

#3 Marketing Strategies:

Myntra: Supports referrals, Win-a t-shirt daily, 25K publisher award, Search engine Ads (Google), Proto Homepage

Pringoo: 5K publisher award.

Dilsebol: Offers 10% discount when you crack the quiz (Use google dude), Tie-up with

Conclusion: None of them seem to promise any discount for bulk booking in the home page!

#4 Features:

Myntra: Custom store with flat 10% commission, Good community features.

Pringoo: Custom store with variable commission percentage. If the product cost is 1000 and you want 10% commission, then the cost of the product is 1100. Then you get a traditional forum for community.

Dilsebol: To setup a custom store, you need to email them. This feature might be in the pipeline. Not much information available about community.

Conclusion: Myntra seems to have an upper hand here with a matured community aspect. Pringoo and Dilsebol needs to do some catching up here.

Overall, all the three startups appear identical. Success factor here is going to be

  • Pricing – Whoever could offer products close to the retail shops price + some shipping cost would win
  • Corporate orders – Corporates like IT companies are potential customers. Whoever could pitch them first would have a substantial lead.
  • More community features – Hey your friend just bought this t-shirt. Why not buy that? Or your girl friend is suggesting you to wear this t-shirt for the party. Able to get what I mean?
  • Products without designing – How about me specifying only the text and image and you suggesting some design. Of course using a human designer. Charge extra also.

Use the comments section below to interact with me.



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42 Responses to “myntra vs pringoo vs dilsebol”

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Nice review. But you should provide links to sites you talk about.

I had to search all three manually in Google to find them.

Ah sorry about that. Have added links now.

That was quick Prabhu. 🙂

One more thing these sites can add more variety to their offering by providing different types of apparel. Most of them provide only half-sleeve T-shirts.

Sweatshirts, long-sleeves, caps, polo t-shirts etc should be added as well.

Yes right. Also like I said in India Price is going to be the key. The more closer you are to the retail place, the more business you can make.

@Prabhu: Thanks for nice post. You missed “Bag” as highlighted one in pringOO 😉

@Ankit: pringOO has varieties of t-shirts:
Mens- Basic, Full sleeve raglan, ringer in different colors.

Women: Basic, baby doll, half sleeve raglan in different colors

Kids: Basic as of now

Thanks jai. Bug fixed 🙂

Myntra beats these sites hands down when it comes to the quality of designs they have. They have quite a long way to go with their customization tool which is better at both Pringoo and Dilsebol. However, I do not know what quality products do dilsebol and pringoo supply, but Myntra supplies only Wrangler tees and the quality is excellent. If the other sites can start offering brands, maybe I will try them too.

Myntra also offers calendars, mirrors, notepads and ceramic plates. Update pls 🙂
Moreover, you can find something about the cricket controversy here –

Hi Prabhu,

My name is Ravi and I am part of the DilSeBol
team. Firstly, thanks for your write-up about
our site and others. I have had a chance to
look at some of the commnents here and most of
them are very useful feedback for us. Just as an
update, we at DilSeBol are working on adding
more varieties of t-shirts which is a feedback
we have received from various quarters. More
products and a more intuitive customer referral
programme is also in the offing and I expect these
features to be live in a few weeks from now. Do
take a look then and give me your comments!

Thanks Ravi. Yes we are eagerly waiting to see more customized products. Do ping me, even if I fail to look at them.

Also Ravi, if you can answer Priya’s question “However, I do not know what quality products do dilsebol and pringoo supply, but Myntra supplies only Wrangler tees and the quality is excellent.”, it will be good.

To answer Priya’s query about the quality of products we offer, we make our own brand of t-shirts with the same specs as any of the big brands like Nike or Wrangler (minus the hefty price tag) – in other words, 100% cotton t-shirts that are comforable to wear. Our other products are imported and final customization is done by us.

I have placed a t-shirt order at myntra in Aug 2007 and I found that t-shirt is wrangler but it had bad stitching around neck. And my order was for M size and I found the size was big (may be indian L) and not as per Indian standard. I called myntra about stitching and and they said it may be I have done something (how rubbish). Also about size they said it is standard size. Man… they are selling to Indian customers not foreign customers. Later I investigated and found in Tirupur (Tamilnadu), there are many exporters who manufacture these t-shirts as per specification of foreign companies and export it. Many times they had to sell the rejected t-shirts in India only, even the size is not as per Indian standard as well as bad quality. So I think just getting excited on the name of brand is a foolish idea. I can say I was unlucky. I haven’t tried and yet, but will place order soon for my wife’s birthday.

Hi Prabhu there are few things that you need to mention.
1) myntra falsely claims that they print on original Wrangler T-shirts. You will come to know about only when you buy it can get to see the quality of t-shirt.
2)When it comes to total number of design mytra has the largest collection. But they are publishing and printing Copyrighted designs also and thats ILLEGAL.
3)When you compare the total price of the products,price of product are the Least as they do not charge extra for shipping & Taxes

Neha ,I bought couple of tshirts from myntra . I liked the print as well as quality of the tshirt. It was original wrangler tshirt only.

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I recently bought a t-shirt from pringoo and very much happy with their product quality as well as printing. They claim the printing technology they use is unique and they are first and only company using that technology in India. I am not sure about that, but yes I will say their printing quality is superb and their claim may be right.

Also it was nice to save money on tax and free shipping.. kudos to these guys..

You have ot specified anything about the tie ups the website have with various corporate clients …

[…] is a features based comparison review on desistartups blog (a little […]

Have you heard about
It has best service/quality..

wow 🙂
its very reasonable point of view.
Good post.
realy good post

thank you 😉

I love pringoo’s t-shirt and its printing, that i recently bought. And they deliver me item in 2 days. Good service.

I have recently bought t-shirt from myntra as they said it is of wrangler. But I am very disappointed with quality. T-shirt quality is bad and it got shrinked from all sides and stitch got loosen in just 2 washes. Printing color is not bright and looks dull as well.

They must need to work over their quality.

I tried one of these sites for the first time – Myntra. Sorry to say that I was misled by some of the comments here. I ordered 5 Ts with hi resolution custom designs
First of all the T-shirts’, quality were really bad. They are obviously not using any branded T. Infact two of the Ts has some local label. Other three had the Myntra logo printed on the label part. The hi-res designs came out dull and badly reproduced.
I seriously doubt if I would ever place any Ts order online.

hi.. I guess there is one more company known as – I have bought their T-shirts, they are pretty cool…They might have less collection compared to others, but they are too good..I think you should also consider INKFRUIT

As i know about the Myntra, i had had very bad experience with product quality, my t-shirt print faded out in two washing only.And this happened three time with me. Never buy from MYNTRA

Yep pringoo needs very urgent design improvments. i find the production and delivery of pringoo very good!!

pringoo doesnt display transparent images the way they should be printed on the web, however in print they look the way they should. this issue should be addressed as products look ugly before they are sold!! (so customer dont know if they will actually look good).

Second, serious designers need to get out of the box. an industry wide revolution is needed. we want to print of the sleeves!!! we also want a larger print area and access different parts of the material. is it possible to split up a cloth in to 5-6 of parts rather than just front and back?

for example, sleeves, back box, front box, side boxes (print on the sides!!)

Nicely compared.

Well thats a nice write-up about all the leaders in the market, its all about the advertising strategy, the quality of products you get is more or less the same. Success will be price(as prabhu mentioned)and the advertising strategy you follow.

hi Apoorva this side. Great job ha. What about the “Inkfruit” also!

I tried DilSeBol. On the surface it seems okay, but their site, including the product design and payment process is extremely heavy and slow, which results in crashing browsers and lost information. Basically, it’s not user friendly at all, though they say they’re working on it.

Not only that, they don’t communicate well with their couriers, Blue Dart. As a result my order has been stuck for over a week, and I needed it for someone’s birthday, which really sucks, especially since it took me nearly a week (off and on, when I could find time) to get their slow site to work properly. (I thought I’d be patient and stick to the same site and give them a chance, which is why I didn’t switch to another site.)

Their customer service is terrible too. They say they will figure out the problem and call you back, but they don’t. I have no clue about their t-shirt quality, because I haven’t received it yet.

My advice: DON’T waste your time with DilSeBol.

An update: DilSeBol is currently working on speeding up their site, though it’ll take a couple of months. Like I said earlier, the site itself is okay, it’s just the speed that’s frustrating. And apparently the courier problem I had was a one in a million situation, and they’ve been sweet about it.

The tshirt quality is decent as well.

So, DilSeBol still looks promising. I’ll probably check it out again in a few months.

Guys i tried ilogo …amazing T-shirts ….. we can make our own designs and get them made at pretty reasonable prices…plus they are coming up with a new competition where you can come up with innovative designs .. the top designs get provogue eyewear .. somewhr around Rs 2000 free… Chk out the Facebook page of ilogo
worth tryin coz its free to try…..

Design your own Personalised Tshirt! – Life’s short Live it up!

Hey friends, Indian Marked is not packed in these 2 or 3 website. Sorry to Say that if you feel dishearten b.z my main motive is to aware ONLINE SHOPPING CUSTOMERS.

I just came across this post and like to add one more website that is really good for Bollywood Sarees. You can Buy Bollywood Sarees online here and you don’t really have to go anywhere.

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