iBurrp – Burrp for iPhone by desistartups

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Hackers at desistartups (That’s me :)), sat down on a friday night (Saturday morning, its nearly 2 am dude). Their motto is to create an iPhone version of a product and spread the awareness among the Indian Startups to start building iPhone versions. To give some figure, there are already more than 100+ users with an iPhone in India. This figure would become big, once iPhone officially arrives!

I chose Burrp to start with. Why? Neatly done product. Heavy use of Javascript objects. Recently released api and widget. Co-founder was un-happy with hiring in India! The product is aptly named iBurrp. (Burrp are you watching?)

Step #1 How Burrp appears currently?
Like you see their home page is not appearing pretty.

Step #2 Lets Hack a little
Thanks to Widgets, I was able to extract out necessary Javascripts, remove “Powered by Burrp” text and add “iBurrp by desistartups” text.
Step #3 Fix stylesheet
Step #4 iPhonize me
In this step, I have fixed the stylesheet to resemble any iPhone app out there. Made changes to viewport so that the form controls appear cleanly!
Step #5 Play around with Controls
Step #6 AJAX works without any fix – Hats off guys!
Step #7 Lets click Search button
Wow, Search Results appear nicely. Thanks to my css fix!
Step #8 Send2Phone didn’t send me sms 😦
Step #9 View a Review
Not so clean. To fix this, I have to sit with them and generate the html in iPhone friendly format. Or can scrap and present the required content alone. No time to setup a website – may be Burrp could. How about iphone.burrp.com?
Step #10 Finder View

That’s it, we are done.What is next? Willing to hack another website … you can recommend your site using the comments section below!

Happy iPhoning,



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11 Responses to “iBurrp – Burrp for iPhone by desistartups”

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Hi ,
Nice to read some interesting Info here,
Good post 🙂 I must say that i am impressed to read some gud stuff here. I look forward to read more stuffs from you. I am a poor commenter though and do not comment a lot but just felt of commenting at this very post. I will digg some post of yours as and when i get time so that the posts get more visiblity. Totally enthu about this website. Wish you good luck for your future endeavors.
Texas, United States.

Hi Prabhu! could you get in touch with me, we need some help for something similar.

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