7 things that Indian Startups miss out?

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At 5 am in the morning, I asked myself this question. What do these desi startups (Indian Startups) miss out? Here are some of the points that I could think about.

  • Blog

Kiruba had mentioned sometime back about this. Either our startups dont have a blog or have a blog just for name/link sake. I would like to stress again that a blog is very crucial for startups especially web based startups unless you don’t care about common internet users. So spend some time atleast during weekends and put some content out there!

  • Keep on making sound

It is like posting the same thing in many places – blogs, social networks, blah blah blah. It is not exactly bad and is infact recommended just to let others know that you are not dead yet and have some great thing in pipeline (although that may not be the case :))

Classic examples could be a blog post announcing an upcoming feature(s), Change of business practise, Even Rumors. Best way is to search your startup name and try to make sure, your name gets spoken at some place or the other most of the time. (Related Read here). Forgetting SlideShare, another startup that has managed to do this Burrp. (Related Read here).

  • Google Analytics

I can see that 99% of the startups have deployed Google Analytics script. That looks great. But wait a minute. Are you really making full use of your analytics? Have you ever figured out things like your top exit pages (funnel as it is called). How many goals have you created. If this sounds like Greek and Latin to you, then please go ahead refer the documentation and start playing around. You will get good insight about your product/website.

  • Usability reviews

When was the last time you did any usability review? If you think that this is not needed, then think again. When a product is highly usable, people will be happy to continue using it right, even if doesn’t have great amount of features. Even if you can’t afford an expert, try to hire some UI/graphic designer atleast and experiment.


Search “buy t-shirt india” in Google. I am not seeing guys like Pringoo, dilsebol. Myntra alone has invested some money in SEM which is appreciatable. While I agree that you need to have some money for putting up ads, SEO is literally cheap. Even if you are not an expert, you can find out lots of SEO tips on the internet and start applying them to your site.

  • Common features Vs Corner features

This is something which many startups get absolutely wrong. Lets take an example of a movie centric portal. It is well known that our people go to popular movie portals for 3 things. Wallpapers, Reviews, Interesting tit-bits. Now if you are a startup in this domain, then it is absolutely fine if you start with these basic common features. You need not start with a killer feature at all!

  • Feedback/User opinions

When was the last time you received any feedback from someone you don’t know? Make it easier for people to provide feedbacks from your website. Did you know that exposing some real email ids instead of common ones like sales@, feedback@ could result in more emails? What is stopping you to provide your real id?

If you can think about something else, please add it as a comment.


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4 Responses to “7 things that Indian Startups miss out?”

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Good post !!

instead of having sales@, feedback@ email ids have names of people… also startups can get some buzz by being to events

Many web– as well as other types of software – startups (mainly founded by techies, not necessarily India-centric) go overboard in terms of demonstrating ‘clever’ use of technology, while paying little – or no – attention to factors like ease-of-use etc.

I believe an objective application of the KISS principle could be of help to many.

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Exellent post Prabhu.These points come to my mind whenever I used to see startups reviews.

Traditionaly Indian bussiness owners are very media shy.For some unknown reasons they stay away from branding and marketing.

Forget about blog you wont find descent introduction about team involved in venture.

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