Lets criticize criticat!

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Shweta’s Life has become more beautiful with criticat, her first venture. Having played with sites like jobvent in the past, I am starting this post with the assumption that this might be a desi-version of that.

The first thing I liked is the timing. We all know that one of the reason for fuckedcompany’s success was that it started right during the dot-com burst. Same way, with the recession in the US, the Indian Services Companies are slowly starting to pinch the heat; Hence there could have been no better timing than this!

Lets start with the actual review process.

Case 1 : I have a new offer from Company X

I have just received a new offer from company X and would like to know if that is really *the company* for me. So I started with the search box. Wait, I am not able to search with abbreviations like tcs, cts. Ok never mind, that should be easy enough to fix. Now, I see for my company a cute graph on the top and some recent reviews. (Graph with more or less same options as that of JobVent!). Frankly, if you ask me, what I would like to see are in-depth details like “How good are the projects in the particular branch, Work pressure involved, Bench period if any, etc. Reviews should also be more targeted. For instance, while writing a review, you are accepting the location as an input right. Similarly, while searching I should be able to drill down to the city, if possible to the exact branch as well.

Case 2 : I am upset with my performance review, I want to bash my employer

Advice this company is a nice feature. I am sure every company would get lot of free advices given the situation now. Ok lets go back here and try to play fair. Assume, I like my company or my manager, is there an easy way to communicate this. No! If there is an easy way to write something negative, there should also be an easy way to write something positive right!

Case 3 : Salary comparison

This is a nice to have feature. Collect salary anonymously based on experience and skills and give an option to compare. I am sure, everyone would be playing around with this feature through out!

Case 4 : Compare companies

Most of the people here are getting more than 3 offers nowadays. How about an easy way to compare companies? Again more specific, compare company X in my city with company Y in my city. You can show recent reviews etc along with the comparison.

Case 5 : Easy way of sending contents

I started my career in a services based company where there used to be a public folder (You might have guessed the company by now!), where all jobless people used to post something or the other. Now for a site like yours, if you are thinking advertising to be the only source of revenue to start with, then you need more content. Hence make it easier for people to send contents. Like send your review through email, discuss via email etc.

Case 6 : Have a way to filter contents

Our desi mentality is this. We know to make noise only if there is a problem. Sometimes, the noise level would increase much higher than the threshold. Please have some kind of a filtering (mostly human reviews, or community based), to filter contents.

Case 7 : Make it employer friendly as well

If I were running a company, I would definitely care to answer to the questions posted by my employees. Infact, I would recommend them to post queries anonymously through such sites if they are hesitant to ask me directly. Make it easier for employers like me to understand what employees think/feel about the company. I am sure, this should be in your roadmap.

Overall, I should say this is a decent attempt given that there are no desi player in this space, and such a site would always be an eye for big job portals like Naukri or Monster.

P.S: I created a review page for my blog here. I am eager to know the math behind that score thingy!


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7 Responses to “Lets criticize criticat!”

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Hey nice blog I used criticat and I really liked it .. I think everyone should ue it .. as you mentioned lots of cool features .. I was interviewing in a company and found lots of great stuff which was a lot of help 🙂

I read the review somewhere else too .. and visited the site .. it seems to be well structured .. and well maintained. Seems to be taking off among the users as well..


Thanks for reviewing Criticat. I appreciate your feedback. While most of the features you mentioned like compare companies, filtering content are there on our road map, its great to get suggestions for new features.

We are trying our best to get active participation of employer(HR) on the site to close the loop.

You might want to read this http://www.criticat.com/frequently-asked-questions#ans8
to see how the company score is calculated.

Once again thanks for the wonderful review.

Hi Shweta,

Nice to hear that from you. All the best for your new venture. Keep us posted with the updates.


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LeafsOfTalent.com also offers a cool grading site for users to grade their employers. Visit LeafsOfTalent’s version at https://www.leafsoftalent.com/gpgpr.cfm. Post a grade and you instantly get populated on the site’s global poll map.

Hey Guys I have seen the criticat and really it’s nice and gud work performed by Shweta .. Have a look at http://www.chotanarad.com .. this site is later version of the criticat as it’s let you know about your dream company by giving the most insight full detail and also provides with the link of the guys who are working in the firm and you can directly ask any of your queries to them .. plus also give the forum and discussion panel so you can speak and pour all your ideas in the open forum ..

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