Interview with Lalit of Mobisy

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In this post, lets meet Lalit Bhise, co-founder of Mobisy. For readers new to Mobisy, they are a bangalore based startup developing a product called MobiTop, a mobile application development platform. More on MobiTop here. Below is the email conversation that I had with Lalit.

In a country known for services, how easy/difficult is it to convince VCs even friends/employees that you are developing a framework to build mobile applications?

Country known for services? not really, from the time I started working full time for our start-up , I never faced this services mental block, . May be by beginning of 2007(when we started) India had already left this “services” tag a little behind .

Convincing a VC is tough whether services or not. This is a fact anywhere on the face of the planet.
These guys do high risk investments and hence I am actually thankful that they do not fund start-ups that easily.
In my humble opinion, the difference with Indian VCs is that they get such good valuations, deals and returns in growth level companies that entry level or seed level start-ups may not be that attractive business for them. I hope all the blue eyed entrepreneurs realize this quickly and focus on building a solid business rather than spending energy in trying to convince VCs from day one.

Friends and employees was the easier bit at least for us. We could attract lot of talent from the beginning and we could easily convince them with just a demo of Mobitop. I guess the cool factor attached with the unique technology we are developing in an area like Mobile Internet helps a lot.

Any changes after MoMo Barcelona. More calls from VCs? More Job Applications?

Surely, last few months have  been extremely hectic for Management team thanks to MoMo Barcelona. For me , biggest takeaway from Barcelona was more customer interest rather than anything else. Obviously customer interest helps a lot also to get more attention from VCs or prospective employees.

Share any mistake done by you, which costed a lot for Mobisy.

I am sure we have made plenty of mistakes, It’s a part of learning. We just try and make sure that we do not keep on repeating them.   Fortunately none of them have hurt us really badly at least till now.

Current team profile at Mobisy.

We are four co-founders in Mobisy all coming from Mobile handset engineering background. Chhavi and Myself , we have worked in this business for almost a decade now in various product management/ project management/ engineering roles.While Gurpreet and Bhupender have handled more technology oriented roles in past. We worked together for almost 3 years at Infineon Bangalore prior to Mobisy. You can read more about us here.

Proto Vs MoMo – Your take on these two. Which one provided you with a good base?

It’s almost comparing Apples with Oranges, Proto is a Demo like event , which takes place once every 6 months which is great with all it’s might and media coverage. Momo on other hand is a very Entrepreneur friendly Montly offline event which is very cool really. I love to be part of both.

Any news on funding/partnership?

Will surely keep you updated once I have something to share

Any advice for fellow entrepreneurs?

This is interesting, already started feeling like a big successful mid 40s Serial Entrepreneur which I am not ..:-)
But hey, who doesn’t like to give advise to others ?
Here are couple of small tips which I do not think many people tell an Entrepreneur.

  1. In a start-up it is really easy to loose your mental and physical health .. try to spend enough time and energy on preserving both and spend enough time with your family.
  2. Try and have loads of fun, after all we start on our own cause we want to do what we want to do .. if it starts becoming a stress or a burden, something is not right somewhere ..

Thanks Lalit for this excellent interview. I personally liked the last part a lot – to spend more time with family,  one thing which a lot of people seem to ignore nowadays.

On behalf of the readers, we wish your new venture All the Very Best!

I leave it upto the readers to post their questions if any, through the comments section.


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thanks for the post, Prabhu

Welcome Lalit. Look forward for more updates from your team.

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