Top 5 excuses given by Indian Startups

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Indian startups seem to give too many excuses, when asked why a particular feature suck or their entire product suck. Here are the top 5 of those excuses.

5. Not able to compete with Biggies

“Kya kare bhai. Google woh feature implement kiya, aur mera sapna katham (English: What to do, Google did that feature and my dreams are dead, Tanglish: Enna panradhu machi, Google adhe feature senjutan. En kanavu gaali)”. Should I mention examples like Google local search, Search over SMS etc?

4. No funding

“We are not a million dollar funded startup to do this”. This excuse gets no 4 ranking. Well, I have seen a number of features which doesn’t require a million dollar investment to fix up. May be an engineer working for a week should do. Also VCs should always be the last source for investment. Remember FFF (Family Friends Fools. VCs come last :))

3. Not able to hire people

Well this is a global problem. Getting quality resource is tough. Try hiring freshers or people in far away villages. Spend time in training them personally. It should definitely pay-off and is in fact one of the reason behind zoho’s success.

2. Not enough support from the community

We are not getting enough support from our people. They are not using our site but continue to use orkut, Facebook“. This excuse gets ranking 2. Well to be honest, this shouldn’t be an excuse at all. If my blog doesn’t get enough readers, then it means there is some problem with what I write. I am very sure everyone would prefer which ever is serving their purpose in the best way. So instead of cursing your fellow people, see how you can grasp their attention (Spamming anyone?)

1. We are an Indian Startup

You all will be surprised to see this getting rank no 1. Majority of the startups gave this reason. “We are an Indian Startup. How much more do you expect from us?“. Well what is wrong in expecting more from our desi guys? When you enter startup arena, you should always benchmark yourself with global players and not with another startup next door. Only such global approach would help you to scale and succeed. So think twice before giving this excuse next time.

I will be happy to know what readers think about this post? Comments please …


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8 Responses to “Top 5 excuses given by Indian Startups”

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hmm…. i do think these are all factors with startups in any country, w.r.t India, its more to do with the technical background and the social aspects involved more so than the reasons you have mentioned above

@kryptos: I am not sure what do you mean by technical background? I don’t think most features are not done because technically they are not feasible. I think its always about prioritizing. Again I don’t understand what is meant by social aspects.

@Prabhu: Interesting post. However I do not agree that every feature is created equal. Nor is every bug. For example basecamp still does not have any way to assign priorities to bugs. Its a product that sells in big numbers. I am sure that feature won’t take more than a week but then i don’t think the team considers it critical. May be it does not impact more than 1% of their users. As a startup you will have to do some calculations in your head about feature v/s manpower and thats where the third parameter (million dollar) kicks in.

Check out this sometime (thats in case you have not done it yet)

Hi Prateek,

I absolutely agree with your point. But the post is about excuses. If these startups had given a good explanation like you, instead of a dumb “Million dollar excuse”, this post will not be there at all!

This is so true for even other start ups…. maybe except for “we are an indian start up” . I have heard this of media production houses , boutiques, publishing houses ….

nice to know that others crib about the same things… yes the solutions are simple… .but sometimes, it is simpler to crib 🙂

I like your No:1 reason. This really is a a bigger problem. The attitude of many Indians is to somehow underestimate themselves, feel intimidated, feel smaller than the others. Its acutualyl pathetic that this type of attitude is quite common and prevelant. Why has this happened? Why feel inferior, why feel inacapable? Its abosultely sad to see Indians look down upon themselves. The whole concept of self-worth is lacking very strongly.

Hi Prabhu

can you please put the “follow up comments by email” plugin … its really helpful .. for an example checkout my blog … once I comment its really nice to be able to know when a comment in posted later.


Thanks for the suggestion Pradeep. This free version of wordpress doesn’t allow me to install plugins and I am very lazy to setup a hosted version. (Cost cutting?). Anyways, keep visiting my blog. I get more visits. oh wait, no ads over here!

winners always have results & failures always have excuses…I also have a new startup by the name It is true that it is difficult to compete with biggies but it is not impossible..

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