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In this post, lets analyze 3 popular Indian Startups with focus on Indie MusicTempostand, Muziboo and RadioVerve. A little introduction about each of them before we start.

indie.gif Tempostand: Tempostand is an outcome of the international business plan competition Eureka, organised by IIT-Bombay, won by the music portal idea of DAIICT’s third year BTech students Gaurav, Naman and Ujjwal Singh. As they moved on to implement their plan in real life, another batchmate and lead guitarist Aditya joined them. More about them here.

Muziboo: Started by two first time entrepreneurs – Prateek Dayal and Nithya Dayal, who are partners in real life as well. Born out of frustration, when Prateek composed a song for his wife and was not able to find a decent site to upload it. His wife also supported his startup idea by taking care of the marketing aspects.

Radioverve: An Internet Radio station operating out of Bangalore, run by Gaurav Vaz, a well known musician in Bangalore and Shreyas Srinivasan, an active FOSS developer, with financial support from employers and well wishers, and operational and content (RJ) inputs from friends and volunteers. The infrastructure for the station has been completely based on open source software. More about Radioverve here.

Although I asked a number of people for their opinions about these three startups, this post is purely based on my personal opinions. Now to the post.

Target Segment:

Tempostand: Only India. Adds Creative Commons license by default. Artists should directly contact them. No direct upload! Thus they ensure only professionals and slightly experienced artists/bands alone could use their service.

Muziboo: Entire world! They support direct upload and hence amateur artists and casual bathroom singers get a chance to get noticed. Because of this reason, they seem to be in a green field with not much competition from India. But remember, they are trying to compete globally with some big names!

Radioverve: Only India. Artists should be in India and should contact Radioverve directly for hosting.

Founding Team:

Tempostand: Not much information to comment about their domain expertise. One of them (Aditya) is known to be a guitarist.

Muziboo: Not much information. From the website, it appears Prateek is a guitarist and Nithya an amateur singer/guitarist. (Feel free to correct me)

Radioverve:  Gaurav recently won the “Indian Young Music Entrepreneur of the Year – 2008”. He is flying to my place (London) to present to the judges here. I would be trying to meet him over here!


Tempostand: Appears like a wordpress blog with some customisation. Music uploaded recently appears twice in two places, something that could be avoided. Like I mentioned earlier, since there are no contributions from amateur artists, the quality of the music in their site is simply rocking. Because of this quality, people are natually made to explore their site. End users can listen to as many songs as they want and drop in some comments.

Muziboo: Frankly speaking homepage is not inviting. (I have actually used a better word to convey the meaning). The pictures that appear are not of great quality and they disappear on mouse hover. Then you have bunch of links. I can go ahead and criticise a lot. But given that Prateek is actively posting comments in my blog, I might lose one of them. So I am stopping the criticism part right here 🙂 But I am sure, they should be aware of this and eventually would be coming up with a better homepage (infact all the pages tweaked up).

Radioverve: Since they are an Internet Radio, the homepage aptly asks you to choose the genre. Then the next page is simply rocking. You should definitely take a look at their flash based player. I am simply overwhelmed! The quality of the songs also rock!


Tempostand: Comment, RSS feed for new submissions. (Podcast). Embed player in your blog.

Muziboo: Upload, Comment, Create Group, Embed player in your blog.

Radioverve: Shout box (live chat with fellow listeners), Http streaming support so that you neeed not use their site for listening to Indie music, something which the other two can support to make people like me happy. I am not comfortable with flash 🙂


Want to download the mp3 instead of listening to it using that flash player. Use the procedure below.

Tempostand:  Open the html source and search for mp3. There you go, the download link for the mp3.

Muziboo: Same procedure as mentioned above. Here is a direct link for a song by the founder.

Radioverve: Well they already support HTTP streaming. Why the heck you want to hack?

Overall, these 3 startups seem to differ a lot based on their approach. By not supporting direct upload and social networking aspect, Tempostand has given Muziboo an edge. We can omit Radioverve from this discussion, since they are non-commercial and live based on donations.

Muziboo has a lot to improve in terms of their UI. Tempostand also conduct/partner for events. This gives them a good edge among bands and helps in easy marketing, something which Muziboo seem to ignore totally for now!

Having said these, I feel it is too early to comment any thing more about these two startups, since they have a lot to work on still!

Readers, why not give a try with these sites this weekend, may be upload your song in Muziboo as well, and let me know what you feel?


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8 Responses to “Mission Indie Music”

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Hey Prabhu,

RadioVeRVe by will always focus on getting independent artists out to the masses and with 3g and cell phone based internet radio players making it big in the Indian market, we have a unique chance to take any artist to the masses with radio as the medium.

So you can expect more music and presented content from RadioVeRVe in the future!

Thanks for the review.


oh do you mean even amateur artists like me will get a chance? If yes, then why there is no upload? Muziboo, are you listening?

@Prabhu: We did have one sometime back, it was a drupal based one which somehow was insecure and i had to pull it down. I am working on a new one, should be out with the next iteration of the site.

Thanks Shreyas. We are eagerly waiting for your next release!

Well Nithya, you cannot escape with a comment like this. We need something better. An official response pls …

Do check out Indiecision as well.

There’s good info here. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog. Keep up the good work mate!

I’m Out! 🙂

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