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More things that Indian startups miss out

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Remember my “7 things that Indian Startups Miss out” post? This is a continuation of that.

8. Big names in Board of Directors/Advisory Panel

Take a moment to check out the about us section of all successful startups. You will find a number of big names in their panel. While me not arguing that you can be successful only with Big names on board, at the same time, being able to convince someone to become a advisory itself, is definitely a great start. Something, a number of startups have to think about.


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Free Startup Ideas – Part 3

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This is part 3 of my series of startup ideas. Part 1 and Part 2 received decent response, though I am yet to hear if they sound reasonable or not.

Personalized technology tracker/Search Engine

This is something, I have personally wanted to do. But me being lazy, not able to get started on this.

I like RSS because I can check the contents whenever I want. I like dzone, because it makes me learn something new in my technology. But subscribing to RSS of all sites like dzone and manually categorizing/prioritizing them is a tough task and most of the time, people tend to ignore good contents.

Let me take an example. I recently started hacking grails. Now I need a mechanism to categorize contents from sites like dzone into Articles, Tips, Code Snippets, New Developer tools related to grails etc. There should be a way to rate contents. Like articles coming directly from Grails developers, should get higher ranking. Now this entire site has to be personalized. Which means I decide the rating, categories etc. But the site should suggest me new sources, based on what others are using.

Obvious advantage of this is that the site now becomes my own personalized vertical search engine for my technology. Add the ability to crawl forums, then you have a perfect Vertical technology Search Engine.

What do you think about this?

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IndiBlogger – Lets suggest something for you!

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When I started this blog, with my first post, I hardly had any visitors. I was thinking of ways to promote this blog (Apart from spamming :)). A google search for Indian Startups Blog at that time mentioned For readers, new to this site, IndiBlogger is a directory listing of all Indian Blogs. They were mentioned in the press for a few times. They also have search only version (For some Google money?) here. This post is based on their personal request.

As usual I am writing the post in points.

Please upgrade!

Frankly speaking, your site appears like a traditional telephone directory or a classifieds listing where people have to search to find anything. While this might be good for starters like me to get their blogs listed and gain some traffic, what is in it for bloggers who are already established like Arun and Aasish?

My two cents for making your site more useful than it is.

Forget Search

Forget it. Nobody wants to search any more. How about suggest? Lets take my profile page for instance. I have mentioned the tags for my blog. How about suggesting blogs with the same tag in the simplest case? You can also email me when a new blog is getting listed with the simillar tag. And thus make me repeat visits and hence more traffic! I could say Orkut suggesting communities to be a good example for this. Not to mention, we are not expecting something very algorithmic like Orkut’s.

Better Search

How about showing last 3 posts title along with search result? How about some Web 2.0 + AJAX stuff on that?

Automatically populate “My network” tab.

When I login to your site, I can see three tabs under “My network”

  • My blog’s readers – If I am using wordpress, parse my comments feed url, extract my readers blog address and populate here. Well I understand that this would require significant investment, but I started with “Please upgrade” right. It also means invest!
  • Blogs I read – Ask for my Google Reader password and store all the blogs I read! Check out Blogbard and see how they are doing this.

Better RSS feed

How about RSS feeds of blogs from my directory? See if you can utilize pipes for this.

Readers, can you think of any other points? Please add it to the comments section.

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