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Why desistartups?

  • Another blog for spreading the buzz for you.
  • Each post receives close to 100 visitors. This may be a negligible number, but this number would improve with time. I promise!
  • Like I mentioned here, each post that appears here would be of high quality instead of just being like a PR source.
  • Independent and deepest review possible. I don’t like praising/commenting about a product just for the sake of it.

How to Submit?

  • Just send your website to my email id – prabhu [at] desistartups [dot] in.

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135 Responses to “Submit a startup”

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Online Property Brokerage site, take a look and let me know if you’d like to profile


Voting Server – the ultimate toolbox for webmasters
Add a comment

Voting Server provides remotely hosted interactive tools which you can add to your website by simple copy&paste operation to make it more visitors friendly, interesting and useful. No server-side installation required.

Java Times Caffe is searching for the best investors candidates, to help expend a very unique coffee shop concept in to every country in the world. Java Times Caffe is an exceptional concept focusing on quality coffee from Mexico and teas from around the world. Java Times Caffé currently has about 43 different types of coffee as well as a wide selection of teas marketed under Javaxotica label.
In addition to coffee and tea, Java Times Caffé offers a hot and cold
menu that includes Paninis, wraps, bagels, salads, pizza, nachos and a variety of
blended fruit frappe drinks. All of Java Times Caffé’s menu items are of the highest quality and will translate very well to the US market or any market. We have four different prototype variations concept, including a drive-thru locations. However, Java Times Caffé is currently expanding with only the full store prototype. The prototype store is between 80 and 150 square meters, and will have some outdoor seating for guests. The kitchen in each location is small, and ranges between 12 and 16 meters. Total seating within a Java Times Caffé location is between 30 and 70.
If you are Interested or your company please follow up by getting more information at

Support of Mexico’s Coffee Growers
A commitment to supporting Mexican coffee growers is core to Java Times Caffé’s
corporate vision. Tony currently sources 100 percent of his coffee from growers in
Mexico’s twelve coffee state regions. Each of these regions is promoted through the
retail locations, and 1.5 percent of all revenues from Java Times Caffé’s franchisees and
corporate operations are donated to Niños del Café, a charity focused on improving the
lives of children in Mexico’s coffee growing regions. Tony’s goal with Niños del Café is
to reach the $120,000 per month level of support. This would surpass the financial
support to growers currently provided by the Mexican government.
The Mexican government has already recognized the value of Java Times Caffé’s
support of local coffee growers. Java Times Caffé has qualified for a program where the Mexican government will pay up to one-half of the franchise fee for new franchisees in Mexico that join the Java Times Caffé system.

Do offline/online data entry jobs at home,no internet required.submit the work in your convenient time.earn $ 0.38 per free before you register.earn a guaranteed $500 p.m. payment proof available. For details is an effort to recreate the Indian concept of “Jugaad” and introduce it to the world wide web.

This is much more than just another networking site. is customized for the CREATIVE and RESOURCEFUL users aka “JUGAADU”. It is a site with a blend of amusement, information and challenges. The site intends to bring together street smart people who are devoted to innovative ways of thinking, taking up real life challenges and solving them in the most resourceful way. Users may also use this site as a medium to post Challenges and get our Jugaadu users to find the best solution for them.

Online Calculator site – loans, simple financial analysis, personal finance etc.

Hey, is a new website which offers companies inside information through a chain of people spread across the companies and also guides people in the corporate world(especially freshers) on how to go about handling the stress.

BBX is a pioneer into retail barter, enabaling companies to trade amongst each other without the use of cash. Business can use their own P or S as a currency to trade.

For details please find the link below

Hello webmaster
I would like to share with you a link to your site
write me here is a b2b recruitment portal which aims at reducing the recruitment cost and making
the hiring more productive. A corporate can tap 100s of consultants and can work with all of
them at a same time, thus speeding up the recruitment and saving cost.
A corporate, registered on gets full authority to quote its own budget and thus
avoid any price negotiation and reduce the recruitment cycle.
The main aim of is to reduce recruitment cost of corporate, to enable them to get in
touch with as many as HR Placement firms possible and fill vacancies faster and economical.
Benefits of for corporate:
1. Place the job requirement, for which you are ready to pay to HR agencies, FREE on
2. A corporate can contact any number of HR agencies even without approaching them
personally through calls or mails.
3. A corporate can control its cost of recruitment with authority to decide the price for
recruitment; thereby save your time and effort in price negotiation with consultant.
4. A corporate / HR Manager can have multiple consultants working for you at a same
5. Get access to through
6. A corporate / HR Manager can access the resume database of for free.
7. The registration on is free. is a leading information portal in the state of Orissa. It provides the most updated and comprehensive information about various aspects of the state.

A product review website, which also offers cash credits for the reviews written by its members.

Introducing the biggest site for disounts and offers for all the products in india. We have a tie up all major branded stores and major retail markets the people can easily know the latest discounts and offers for the particular product according to the brand. We have all products in all brands. Customers who buy the product through discounts will get a additional 5% discounts extra along with the Discounts provided in the shop.Dont miss grab the offers soon. Have a great shopping.

Store Owner can advertise their offers and discount information on their website by contacting them through an email which can attract a big crowd on their store.The website currently lists discounts and offers in the city of Chennai and Coimbatore in india and planning to expand this service to other cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad etc in upcoming days.

Everyone Love Discounts. A site dedicated to discounts and sales would definitely a must visit place for any buyer.Discountsvu is one such website which brings retail shops close to the customers. Although the site is relatively new, it still lists a wide range of shopping items and articles.

Discountsvu provides information about discounts, deals and offers on products from Retail Stores.

The site provides comprehensive information about the price of the product, offers end date, and contact information of store. This would help you to make a smart purchasing decision.

They also have some Exclusive discounts which can be used at stores.

There is an option to search discount and offers and user can also browse products by categories which includes apparel, automobile, bed, books, electronics items, furniture, music, jewellery and many other categories.


We would like to submit our startup for review on your website. is a startup by IIT Delhi engineers for online mba entrance exam preparation.

We provide an educational platform that offers online study material and tests for management entrance exams like cat, mat, xat, snap and other competitive exams.

We provides daily sectional tests, full length tests to aspirants with complete feedback for each of it questions.

Our easy to understand concepts and study material provide students easy grasp over the concepts and making them confident in their preparation.

We are continuously innovating new products and features to make students prepare in best possible manner. We have recently introduced Orkut and Facebook applications where students can prepare from the comfort of their social network.

‘College of the Day’ weekly article helps to learn about various B-Schools. We also have top rated business schools directory and latest events like admission process, important dates and management seminars.

This year CAT (Common Admission Test) would be held online. All the Coaching Institutes are changing their teaching and testing strategies.

There would be many students who would be giving an online test for the time and thus require a practice to adapt to this new testing environment.

Our completely free and unlimited features will have students prepare and crack cat easily.

We request you to kindly review and include on your website.

Team Complore

Hi, we are a TiE Startup in Marketing & Advertising Crowdsourcing area –

Would like to be featured on your site.

cant send mails to . saying domain not found.

FireUp is the brain child of an IIM alumni Mr.Vineet Patawari, who follow his heart to make a paradigm shift in the entire Education System and thus http://www.fireup, came into existence. It started as an Online portal and soon earned the honour of the “Most comprehensive CAT coaching portal” on the web. Keeping track with it’s Incipient popularity ,FireUp came out of it’s Online Umbrella and started activities in Offline front as well . gives information about offers, discounts and events in chennai along with new stores info. has start and end dates, location, brand video, maps of the offers, events happening chennai.

Personal Wedding Website (Wedsite) is not a luxury any more, it’s a must have!

Announcing your Wedding plans, the e-way is the best option in today’s fast paced life style. A wedding website (Wedsite) is fun and adds to making your wedding an unforgettable occasion. is a free indian wedding website where you can create your online marriage invitation using customizable wedding website templates of your choice. It’s an Indian wedsite with unique design to share your online marriage invitation with your near and dear is a feature rich online marriage invitation platform built with your privacy. caters to all your needs in providing your personalized marriage invitation online. You can invite, tell about yourself, share your stories, RSVPs, share wedding album, and get blessings from your beloved ones and so many… boasts the most comprehensive wedding website (Wedsite) available allowing you to add/edit/delete all aspects of your wedsite and build your own tailor-made site within minutes. It strives for continuous improvement.

For more details visit

In Reataurant i would like to add

Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

Sign: umsun Hello!!! rcuwwymhyw and 3609ssgfhphzye and 4316I will try to recommend this post to my friends and family, cuz its really helpful.

This is a manufacturer to consumer direct shopping site. The name is NewBazaar ( ) .

The startup has been offering this service with a concept of escrow to have a safe shopping by consumers.

TripNaksha tries to make tracking and planning hikes, treks and other adventure activities related to travel easy. It intends to be the one place where you can get reviews, information and maps of both little known and well known trails using which others can plan a trip.
Do have a look!

Bharat Hosting

Bharat Hosting is web hosting company catering to the needs of advanced web hosting at affordable cost the world over.

‘Link Building S’cool’ is an informative blog encompassing all matters related to link building and related SEO strategies. We are here to educate and help you on all aspects of link building through our lucid yet simple writing.
In addition to covering all significant updates in the industry, we will present fresh and unadulterated content.

We also encourage you to write, and share your opinion, knowledge and unbiased reviews on link building. We would be happy to write on topics you want to read – all you gotta do is ask.

Link Building S’cool is committed to offering information as accurately as possible, while remaining fair and impartial.

Dear Prabhu,

I would like to suggest you to make a little review about

Many times you read about a new website in the internet, but you don’t know if you can trust it and you feel that it would be great if you could check it’s background. Surcentro was created for that purpose.

Here you can find the amount of visitors, pagerank, indexed pages, view Alexa and Compete graphs and other additional information about every single page on the web.

Thanks in advance

KidandParent ( is a web portal targeted exclusively towards Indian parents. The website contains tools, forums and articles on pregnancy, childbirth, baby care and your child’s growth and development.

Do let me know if you need any further info.

I just launched a new Quote website (Only A Quote). I’d give you the whole pitch but that’d be pretty long.
Let’s just say that it has a hot design. It only features one quote per refresh/click (no more enormous databases). It lets users submit their own quotes and share quotes easily via twitter and facebook

Kindly review our website – A website which helps in building vocabulary in a very unique and out-of the-box way.

Mnemonic Dictionary (MD) helps in learning and remembering word and it’s meaning easily by providing memory aids (called mnemonics) for each word. Mnemonics connect to-be-remembered meaning of words with a systematic and organized set of images or words that are already firmly established in long-term memory and can therefore serve as reminder cues.

We are a Web Portal Manufacturing company in creation of IT Infrastructure solutions for various domains. We provide conceptual, functional and presentational development for the global business community through out-of-the-box web strategy, design and technology solutions at affordable prices.

Exprez is India’s truly ‘on-demand’ and ‘crowd-sourced’ apparel brand. Here, you have the power to create your personalized apparel or choose from community-voted designs.

The share market today is as volatile as we have seen it, as stock prices continue to fluctuate the only way to preserve your money is to sit on the sidelines and the chaos goes on in the financial and other sectors.
Day trading the stock market involves the rapid buying and selling of stocks on a day-to-day basis. This technique is used to secure quick profits from the constant changes in stock values, minute to minute, second to second. is India’s 1st website to sell products which people wants to buy but are shy about. We sell products like Condoms, Contraceptives, Emergency Contraceptives etc. The theme of the website is “Tools of Love”. Keeping the same in mind we would soon be launching products & services which facilitates Love & Romance between two people. Soon to be added products are : Flowers, Chocolates, Jewellery, Lingeries, Travel to Romantic Destinations etc. is also covered by leading newspapers like Mid-Day & Hindustan Times (check out :

Life has become too hectic for us ..So to keep you connected with others Jaldi SMS provides you an opportunity to communicate with others.Jaldi SMS helps you to send SMS free of Cost anywhere in India.So keep connecting with Others.

Free Services :
Jaldi SMS is a website which is user friendly site where You can Send SMS free of Cost at any number in any location within India. It takes Fraction of Seconds to Send the SMS.

Jaldi SMS is a website which give you an opportunity to always update you with the current news affairs that are taking place. So you can know what is going in the Society with the help of Jaldi SMS.

Jaldi SMS also provides you an opportunity to send free SMS jokes to your friends and lighten their mood when they are busy in their work.

Jaldi SMS will be helpful for all those aspiring Candidate who are looking for jobs as we have a system where you can have an idea about the job Vacancy , Address of the Company, Salary Package.

Jaldi SMS will be used as an alarm facility or remainder facility where you can send SMS to your closed group and wish them on their Birthday and Anniversary and on any different meeting as per the requirement of the user.

You can also include your self in different community through Jaldi SMS..This will provide you an opportunity to enlist yourself in different Social network.

Jaldi SMS provides you a scope where you can get a chance to use it as a net to phone

Paid services :

Bulk SMS
Sender ID Code
Customized Control Panel

Hi, We have launched A portal for free online games. It has over 1000 games for free. we plan to expand this to other games soon. Please review.

Fresherstube is an up and coming fresher portal which is growing day by day in terms of clients (colleges and companies) and
users (job seekers). The main aim of this portal is to act as a bridge between the Job seekers (freshers), colleges & companies by fulfilling
the requirements of every one.

Solutions: Student Database Management, Campus placement, Daily Job listings, Email & SMS Job alerts, Training Workshops,
Resume Builder, Interview Tips, Key points in resume, Companies database

nice website. Keep it up

Fresherstube ( an up and coming fresher portal which is growing day by day in terms of clients (colleges and companies) and
users (job seekers). The main aim of this portal is to act as a bridge between the Job seekers (freshers), colleges & companies by fulfilling
the requirements of every one.

Solutions: Student Database Management, Campus placement, Daily Job listings, Email & SMS Job alerts, Training Workshops,
Resume Builder, Interview Tips, Key points in resume, Companies database

Zatun is a video game development company and a games design studio outsourcing company based in India providing video game art services for PC game development, Facebook game development, IPhone game development, XBOX 360 Game development, Casual game development, Flash game development and Mobile Game development.

Upcoming Professional networking website allows to Micro Talk anything, Share Professional profiles, Discuss, Share success stories, Blog and Discover friends!

With more than 3400% increase in traffic in just one month, its becoming one of serious hub for professionals in india

Yeah i have seen it.. really nice.

Really unique website.

Grouping People is an focussed Staffing Solutions provider based in Gurgaon, India. We strive to become a one stop shop for our client’s requirements. This ensures that our clients can depend on a single, reliable partner for their hiring needs instead of having to deal with multiple vendors and service providers.
We cater to the following openings in

1. Adminstrator
2. Develpoers
3. Consultants / Contractors
4. Business Analysts
5. Project Manager
6. Part Time Employees trainings at Plug 2 Learn

Our trainings would enable a SalesFroce Technical Professional to analyze SalesForce design and implementation to understand requirements on data migration, including validations, triggers, and linkages. Design technical solutions for data migration issues. Manage onsite and offshore developers to implement solutions and data migration executions.

The trainings would be class room trainings for Delhi/ NCR and online trainings for rest of the world.

Our trainings would cover areas like Best practises of and how candidate supports post-implementation and global SLAs . The training will focus on understanding of CRM applications including out-of-the box functionality and configuration.


Our team is working on a new website ( which can people help to improve vocabulary. This is a web 2.0 project and we think that it’s worth to mention it or write an article and publish on your website. We are trying to create a free and useful service for learning languages.

About service:
WordSteps is a new interactive on-line startup which can help people to memorize new foreign words. Оn-line flashcards and free interactive exercises. Dictionaries include English, Spanish, French, Russian, Mandarin, and others. Users can create their own dictionaries and learn words with 6 available exercises. Our plans: add more languages, translate site into Chinese and Spain, add free mobile client and desktop app (almost done), add sounds and more.

Please, let me know if you need some material about the article, we can write and send it to you.

Thanks, Vladimir.


We have just launched a local business and image search website for India,

The unique feature is its user friendly search and an option for the members to upload their local city images. I expect the feedback from you folks.



The corrected URL for veethi website is



We have launched our new website recently. this new website gives you lots more information’s with graphs and maps for every website on the Internet.

some listings are:

page views
daily visitors
daily visits
web rank
page rank
website worth
daily revenue
famous in countries
traffic by country
traffic graph
back links
page indexed
server in and ISP info
and many more…

Please review the same,

Best Regards

Teqpad Team

We at do your website or blog submisison to various top css galleries on the net! As these galleries are great for increasing websites traffic, and pagerank. We submits your website or blog to these gallery manually to get huge traffic and increase sales etc…

We would like to keep our submissions to get featured in each and every gallery, we check and examine the submissions details we receive from you, and if we feel that any information regarding submission of your website is not satisfactory, we will inform you or if we think that your submission details arent meets our standards and there is no chance of featuring your site in galleries, we simply reject your order and we will pay back your full payment.

Sign: zdbrw Hello!!! wcwbx and 4049ufqzvenhtz and 9555 : Sorry, what did you mean?? A??

A marriage is a beautiful occasion that we want to share with the world. What better way can there be than to do it Online through your own wedding website?

Came across new website –

Has a unique model where they sell products like condoms, health supplements, etc and other products people might find embarrassing to buy.

Hi there,
I tried mailing you some information and the mail bounced back. Is there any other way to submit details.


Video Suspects, is an online multi web platform which allows people to search and identify other people and receive a cash reward for their efforts. Video Suspects allows businesses & individuals to post videos or images for a small cost per month.

how about this location based website?

Zeole is a local community blogging portal. Interesting.

This site blends together the stock market and Twitter by displaying tweets concerning these stocks that have earnings release today, yesterday and tomorrow. There is option filter the tweets by stocks or options. The stocks with earnings today, tomorrow, yesterday are shown at the right hand side.

Would you kindly review my site

Worldwide TV Shows and Movies Aggregator (Oldest, Latest, Greatest)

Hey! I’m Tara the avatar of Transfusion Technologies and Learning Solutions which started operations very recently in Bengaluru. We’ll be have a great web presence soon and you all should visit me there. Good night. – Tara @ Transfusion

Do visit us @ to know more about our Enterprise Learning Technology Suite!

Please look at

Ceino is a marketing services company with unique products and services for universities and colleges in India. With offices in California and Bangalore, Ceino has a dedicated team focused on meeting the needs of the academic community.

We have recently launched PubKnol (, a social destination for students and universities for sharing knowledge. PubKnol is an easy to use social website for students, teachers, and researchers to find and share thesis, dissertations, college projects, and tutorials free of charge. A subscriber can not only upload or access any type of research for free but also read/download articles to gain professional knowledge and growth.

Our is a shopping portal where we sell multiple products like books, Gifts, electronics, Computer Hardware, Apparels, Toys and Movies
Serving entire India and do International Shipping for Gifts.

CricketWeekly provides a platform where cricket lovers can CONNECT together to CREATE passionate T Shirt designs to spread magic of CRICKET in form of customized cricket based T Shirts. It is a community Of cricket fans, By cricket fans, For cricket fans built around images

Started a new site to help webmasters will you guys cover it. thanks helps you not only to create your website before your wedding but you can retain it after your wedding to add your wedding photos and to thank your invitees. has termed your personal wedding website as wedsite. In this fast moving world has made your pre wedding life smooth and tension free by inviting everyone for your wedding, through e-mail and shares your wedding plan in a website.
All these enriched features are provided for free in

Classroom2Boardroom (C2B) is a management consulting firm founded by IIM and ISB alumni that provides innovative and cost effective business solutions to corporates , small and medium enterprises and Government & Non Government Organizations. It is based on a unique concept where a network of certified management consultants and students help SMEs, entrepreneurs and organizations to transform and grow their businesses.

A new Cashback site that is trying to change the shopping trend in India by introducing Cashback in to picture. has tie up with all the stores in India. So just do shopping as usual and earn Cashback for every purchase.

Dynado lets you use one inbox for doing business communication (emails) and managing your employees (tasks). And information is NEVER lost again like it is in normal emails.

It gives you quick and easy access to all your previous discussions and files, lets you find attachments in a breeze.

It reasons from your and your employees schedule to help you arrange meetings and set reasonable deadlines.

You can collaborate with people who are not in the system by simply sending a task to an email.

And it’s as easy as using an email client so there is virtually no training required. seems to have the widest possible range of condoms. Not only does it sell condoms but takes a lot of effort in educating the users about vibrators/condoms/female condoms through videos. seems to have the widest possible range of condoms. Not only does it sell condoms but takes a lot of effort in educating the users about vibrators/condoms/female condoms through videos.

India’s biggest Deal Aggregator is launched.
30+ deal sites,1000+ deals everyday,100+ cities. And its count on three items are increasing everyday.
Get all your deals now from site and Experience the power of deals.

Shweta,The site you mentioned is good.
Thanks for introducing that.

check our online shopping site and please post it in your blog.

Thanking you,

PreCared is conceptualised to ReUse baby products and provide an Economical and Green option to parents.
We buy the products from parents, clean and sanitise them and then put it up for sale again.
We would be delighted if you find PreCared worth profiling and looking forward to discussing more about the concept.

Hello, it looks like which noticed you visited my internet site outside got here to aпїЅ?return the chooseaпїЅ?.IпїЅпїЅm aiming to in locating problems to help increase my website!I suppose its ok to try some of your opinions!!

Created to amplify one’s ability to have quality party music for any situation. No matter if you party alone or party with a crew, there is a party mix just for you! Prepartyplaylist was inspired by international influences of music and everyone’s beloved college Dj’s. Here you will hear the mainstream but also discover new music never heard before that rocks! Take it for what it’s worth and pass it on!

You Have Taken a great Initiative Thanks!!!!
Frodoe is India’s largest retail search advertising portal
If you are looking for a typical “about us” page with the likes of a mission and vision statement you will not find any. Why? For one thing, we are not a “typical” company. And let’s face it. We are not doing serious stuff like building missiles or helping humans colonize space. Instead we do something which is more fun (for us) and useful (for you).

We make folks (like you, for e.g.) feel good about using information to save money when they shop for their favorite products, brands. That we promise, we will continue to do even better in the days ahead. So to deliver on this promise we started a Company – FRODOE

What FRODOE is and is not: FRODOE is a retail offers search site. Now you know what retail offers site is and you sure do know what a search site is. FRODOE is both. But different in some important ways, for starters it is specialized.

FRODOE’s specialty is retail discounts search. On a click of a button our tools help you understand what retail discounts are in your city, till when they are valid, and where they can be availed. Like any retail site we have this information on thousands of brands. But we’re very different from most retail sites because we don’t actually sell any brands, products or anything else.

Instead FRODOE lets you search (on 4055 discount offers), and gives you shopping information that fits your budget and tastes. You can use that information to buy offline: at any retail showroom, or a Company authorized showroom etc.

You, dear reader, will pay nothing for this information. FRODOE is free for you. Use it all you want to get more savings when you shop next. Oh, we make money too. We do that when brands use our Advertising Programs.

Today we’re India’s largest retail offers search site. Honestly, we are feeling good about that fact. Since we started FRODOE in 2010 we’ve been working pretty hard to make retail offer search better, and we’re still having fun, creating tools that make our search faster, more relevant and easier to use.

iCapes develops course ware and imparts training on career oriented courses on application development in the Andriod and iOS platform

An Online Loan Comparison & Application Portal in India

I am not understanding what u r explaining.I understand the steps but i think it is related to any previous post.

Vision Helpdesk is a Indian startup offering Unique Satellite Helpdesk Feature – that is managing support for multiple companies at one place.

Yes, i will do it and thank you for sharing this, India’s First Women Apparels and Lingerie online brand.
FUCHSIA DESIGNS- is an exclusive online shopping destination for Indian- inspired clothing, accessories and jewelry. Online shopping site in India. You can get to know all about offers discount & sale on your favorite brand in your city. is an online supermarket operating in Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad. is a niche online store for bar furniture, accessories, gifts and collectibles in India. (Delfre Corporation Private Limited) is India’s largest online food and grocery store. With over 10,000 products and over a 1000 brands in our catalogue you will find everything you are looking for. Right from fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Rice and Dals, Spices and Seasonings to Packaged products, Beverages, Personal care products we have it all.

Thanks for hosting! This week I’ve shared a post about my decision to stop eating corn and cucumbers and other summer produce until they come into season again where I Live……….. offers a lot of wedding website theams and invetation cards for your relatives, family and friends..

I’m really enjoying the theme/design of your website.
Do you ever run into any web browser compatibility issues?
A number of my blog readers have complained about my site not working correctly in Explorer but looks
great in Firefox. Do you have any advice to help fix this issue?

Hi prabhu,

here is my start-up – The online store for Used books.

Please have a look and write a genuine review of the same.

Feel free to contact for any queries

Best Regards
ganeshreddy Indireddy
CEO, Founder
Ph : 888 555 0876

A marketplace to buy and sell unique & indigenous designs searched from different nook and corners of India. Binocolor as a term is coined from Binocular which is instrumental in finding object which are far. The main objective of Binocolor is to showcase all hidden talents from different parts of India. We are a young & vibrant team of artists , designers, software engineers & business experts. Our mission is to create a platform where any kind of creativity is showcased & promoted. We are in the process of launching a very creative & innovative platform to help raw talents & any other traditional art forms which are struggling for existence.

Take a look at

indian coupons, deals and offers

Online Recharge Web portal with Cool Add-on features like Wallet facility, One-Click Fast Recharge, SMS/Email Recharge, Gift a Recharge, Scheduled Recharges, Referral Recharge Program, Free Cashbacks on 60+ biggest brands and many more… We are redefining the Recharge Experience at

Hello there, If you are looking for a spaced repetition based online flash card memorizing system then probably you are looking for

Hi Everyone i am looking for guest for autos or news sites, who are interested kindly share you sites with me i will give a regular order mail me at (

nice site here. Keep it up.

wow, wish you could re start your site and review latest startups.

hey please review our site
It helps webmasters monitise their website easily.And find reviews and rating of different ad networks. Thanks

The reason behind the existence of is to help small businesses to have their own e-commerce presense as well. We help business owners to set up their online store. So, that they can experience the power of the Internet & e-commerce to take their brand miles ahead, and therefore, sales and profits to the next level.


Please review my website which compares prices across 3 major e-commerce apps in India,,,

Thanks & Regards

I am looking for guest post for auto & news sites kindly share your Sites with me.I will Give you a regular work. mail me on (


url :-

Online shopping for women in india, for women’s clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, accessories etc. at Here you can get latest trending fashion, apparels for you at lowest prices, you can compare with others. ✓Net banking ✓Credit Card ✓Cash on Delivery ✓ Free Shipping ✓ 30 Days Return ✓ No Hidden policy

Style Your Passion

For quality products, an extensive selection and some of the latest fashions, more people trust Naughty Strands for all of their stylish women’s apparel and accessories. We offer one of the most comprehensive lines of today’s trendiest styles designed to meet your needs and your personal sense of style. When you want impeccable service, a wide selection and competitive prices, Naughty Strands is just a mouse click away; we are standing by to serve your needs.

Our Philosophy

Regionally headquartered in Chandigarh, India and serving the global community, Naughty Strands was founded in 2013 under the principle of providing today’s fashion-forward womanwith the latest, most cutting edge clothing and accessories available. We offer our customers a higher level of service and support they just won’t find anywhere else and our commitment to customer satisfaction shows in everything we do and every product we sell. From tops, dresses and winter wear, to shoes, eyewear and jewelry, Naughty Strands has the products you need at our guaranteed everyday low prices. We offer competitive pricing, friendly service and some of the best products you’ll find anywhere. Shop with us today and experience the difference quality and service can make for you.

Connect With Us

To learn more about Naughty Strands and our extensive collection of high quality women’s apparel and accessories, contact us and let one of our friendly, knowledgeable representatives assist you with your order or product selection and answer any questions you might have. We appreciate your continued patronage and would like to thank you for visiting us today and for making Naughty Strands the world’s foremost supplier of fashionable, affordable women’s clothing and accessories.

Alllikeme is local search engine provide local information and business promotion services. Alllikeme is India based startup.

Lostyafound –

A web start-up from Mumbai dealing with the problem of Lost & Found things online.

Lost or found something anywhere in India.
Just register & report online for Free

I have more business technology,food,finance

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Check out the latest Deals and coupons startup in India Dealmaal. we would like to add in your website.

Online Rental Marketplace is an online market place for renting. It brings the owners and the renters together for the benefit of both. Gorenty, as a platform allows owners of goods and services to rent out to interested users and earn money. The renters, on the other hand save money by availing lucrative rental deals available in and around their locality. It’s a win-win for both the sides.

Gorenty has a friendly interface that allows users to browse as well as list across multiple categories of products and services along with pricing, contact and other details. From cars, bicycles, home appliances, furniture to outfits, music and elctronics, the list is endless. You have a product, it will find its place on Gorenty.
Post your extra furniture, clothes, rooms, sports goods, car, bike on RENT. Its free so you can add anything you want to rent and earn money.

Visit locoval and search almost anything. We provide you deals and offers with complete regarding information. – India’s best website to buy wide range of products including Electronics, Books, Clothes, Accessories, Home furnishing and much more.

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You can share your startup at India Startup forum –

The startup company Zed Interactive is offering services like 3D virtual reality, 3D rendering, augmented reality, 3D visualization application etc.

MintWise Online Insurance lets you compare and buy insurance online.

All you need to do in put in your details and submit – the algorithm finds out the insurance plans in India which fit your needs most and suggests the best online insurance plans. You can choose and buy instantly.

Top Lists at TopTenInsider

Checkout the top lists for security,health,software and more. Be it B2B or B2C,TopTenInsider is one stop destination for all.

Qtrove is a curated marketplace that exhibits and sells non-mass produced items from small entrepreneurs across the country. These products are natural, sustainable, not easily available elsewhere, enhance the well-being and social currency of today’s discerning consumer. Qtrove achieves it through its stellar network of partner sellers

Vision Board offers an online board service where you can learn about the Law of attraction, different scientific breathing techniques and also order your own pre-customized Vision Board.

We are a tech-enabled waste management company, which permits a household, business to sell their scrap or recyclable waste online through an instant scrap pickup service.

We are a New Startup in Two Wheeler Industry in India. We offer Buying/Selling New and Used Two Wheelers in more than 600 cities in India. –

Reviews influences business credibility, reputation and sales. They also help measure customer satisfaction and assess business performance.

But, other than talking to business, customers share their experience by writing reviews over various social media and review platforms. All these reviews remain unorganised and scattered over the web and to look, manage and then analyse all these reviews becomes tedious. Thus we at, friendknows provide a comprehensive customer feedback solutions to help businesses implement customer feedback loop so as to improve customer satisfaction, performance and sales.

We aim to collect, manage and analyse reviews in detail, to discover more customer insights through our “Review Management” features. It reduces business’ workload of going over reviews by collecting all online reviews on a single dashboard thus helping business to assess their online reputation. Through the friendknows platform, a business can not only go through all online reviews but with the use of response templates, can proactively respond to them.

Friendknows implements a 360° process to collect maximum feedbacks through various channels such as SMS or Email invites, tele-calling, on-premise kiosks, digitisation of paper, etc. Our analytics tools provide sentiment, characteristics and demographic analysis which give the business an extensive look at customer satisfaction and performance. Our API and Widgets, empower businesses to showcase their reviews virtually anywhere.

We also understand that consumers rely upon reviews to make an informed decision. Hence, we built the first ever review platform to use analytical and personalisation tools. It helps consumers to find businesses according to their taste and requirements. What more, users can also share and discuss choices with their friends & family and other like-minded users.

Visit to find more about us!

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