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Lets meet Arun, Co-founder of a Chennai based startup called myProdoktSpace. Before going straight to the interview, lets munch about the name. “My+Prodokt+Space“. As the name suggest this startup is going to be a social network, where the each of you is going to discuss about a product that you bought/like/wanting to buy etc. In short, we can call myProdoktSpace as social network meets Online shopping. Review about this product is in the pipeline. Without wasting any more time, lets go straight to the interview.

Tell us something about your new venture?

We are India’s first Social Shopping Portal. Social Shopping is going to be the next generation shopping trend which involves both Online and Offline Shopping and we see a huge potential for Social Shopping. Gone are the days where the users buy just on instinct. Today we speak to our friends to know more about the products, research about the products on Internet read reviews from various forums about the product before making the purchase.

Mission of myProdoktSpace is to make shopping easier and buy trusted products available in the market. The review and feedback of Products is provided by the users of various community members who are directly or indirectly linked in your network.

Tell us about your current team.

myProdoktSpace is promoted by AK Consultancy services (P) Ltd which is a startup Company based out of Chennai. Founded by myself (Arun) and Kumaran. Kumaran takes care of all technology related aspects and I take care of Business side of the venture. We have a small team comprising of technical people and business development team.

Given that the online shopping in India is still in its nascent form, how do you plan to position your startup as – more weightage to online shopping or more weightage to social networking?

As I mentioned in first our product is going to connect Peoples and Products. We have a market share of both Online and Offline Shoppers. Even the person who buys a mobile in the retail store does a lot of research today through his friends, reviews blogs and forums. Hence we do not see a problem of Online Shopping not kicking off as expected as we are targeting both Online and Offline Shoppers.

Whom do you think as your competitors?

Because we are the first one for social shopping in India, we do not have head to head competitors in this arena. But we do have some Quality players in product and service reviews but they are not our direct competitors. We think its too early to talk about competitors as we are a startup company.

What do you think about “Web 2.0”. How critical is it for your startup?

Our Product revolves around Web 2.0 and this is buzz word which you hear all around which is dominating the web. User is the King now and Our service follows similar model and we give full control to the user and have them contribute and aggregate the data.

The trend now is to expose API’s – for both social networking and shopping engines. Do you have this in your pipeline? If yes, when can we expect one?

Yes. But cannot reveal much detail now. Feel free to check out our Blog for updates!

How easy/difficult it is to setup a company in India?

If you do on it your own and scratch your head it is not easy due to the bureaucracy issues in India. If you go through Auditors and Service providers you can have your company running anywhere between 15 days to a month.

The profile of the people you are willing to hire?

Start ups requires only Go-Getters. When we go for hiring we first look at the attitude how does it fit in Start up environment and next comes the technical part. Feel free to get in touch with us at contact [at] myprodoktspace [dot] com.

Your two cents for other startups in India.

Keep your Focus Straight and work towards your vision. You will see lot of Obstacles in between and do not lose focus looking at these Obstacles. Focus, Focus and Focus and you will achieve your vision.

Thanks Arun for this wonderful interview. We appreciate that and on behalf of our team and our reader community, we wish your startup, All the very best!

Review of this product coming soon! Keep reading our blog!

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