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A new friend of mine commented that she liked this post and overall my comparison type posts appear better than the rest. To make her happy, here is my next one. This time, lets compare two of the popular Indian Blogs Directory – BlogAdda and IndiBlogger. (My recent review about IndiBlogger here).

To make the review fair, I want to tip the readers that BlogAdda seems to have an upper hand as far as CSS, SEO and Usability is concerned, since they are a product from a Web development company called Nettalk.

Also one of my reader was upset that I don’t do enough research before writing a post. To make him happy here are the links that I referred for this post.


The first thing that impressed me is the tagline of BlogAdda – “who are you reading today?“. Definitely seems to convey what they are trying to do.  In fact, I was wondering why this tag line appears as an image in their homepage instead of text? Unfortunately, was not able to find a tagline for IndiBlogger.


Next comes the homepage. BlogAdda stands way above IndiBlogger, thanks to their web development experience. Infact, they have received few positive comments when they got listed in cssvault. This is something IndiBlogger has to improve (Included in the word upgrade in this post!). IndiBlogger also seems to have lots of Badges and other graphics in their homepage, which they could try and move to some other page.


Having 2 search boxes is not appearing very convincing. Indiblogger has 2 of them right in the homepage. BlogAdda doesn’t have “Search by Tags” feature. But what is the big deal, you have “Google” right. Again, “Search by Tag” and “Google custom Search” in IndiBlogger both have different UI and functionality on the “Search result page”, which makes things even worse.

I spent a little time here and searched “Photography” in both these sites. Results were decent since both of them use “Google”. Now, IndiBlogger unfortunately, displays the direct url of the blog in the search result. Which means I need to manually take a look at each of the page to figure out if I like it or not.

But BlogAdda on the other hand, takes me to a page like this one. You can rate, view recent posts directly and also comment. They also have digg/reddit buttons to make a particular post popular. If they had provided, “Add this blog to your Google Reader/My Yahoo” button, I would have rated this feature very high, because this is certainly how a Blog Recommendation site should be designed and BlogAdda seems to have the basics absolutely right. Hats off!


Remember this post of mine?  Consider twitter as an addition to that list. BlogAdda has prominently put up their Blog and twitter id. I guess IndiBlogger also has one, but me not able to find them quite easily. Someone could post this as a comment.

Offline Meetups:

IndiBlogger is very well known for this. They organize a number of meetups. Yet to hear one from BlogAdda. For a successful Blog directory, meetups like this are very crucial and IndiBlogger knows their Business here!

Registeration Process:

I wanted to mention this here, because I am upset with BlogAdda enforcing bloggers to put up their badge on the site for 2 days (till a human looks at the blog before approving).  You can ask them as a courtesy however. Best is to have automated scripts to check for the image and upon approval send a friendly email, so that we could remove the badge if needed. (Technorati may be a good example)

Having said these, this is what each of these sites should try to do.

More Blogs = More fun

How to make more Bloggers get registered apart from spamming? Simple, provide something useful. It could be some statistics like Blog popularity based on rating, profile views etc, or snippets from related blogs and so on. Second option is to allow users to submit blogs which they think appear to be Indian. Instead of having people to review such blogs, you can ask the community itself to confirm if the blog is really indian (A typical Web 2.0 functionality). Third option is to have firefox plugin to directly submit links. (Like Instablogs widget). Fourth option is to scrap and figure them out. (BlogAdda can scrap IndiBlogger and vice versa :))

To sum up, if you are a blogger and looking for more traffic, then go ahead and register in both these sites. (Like me :)). If you want to discover new Indian Blogs, then give both these sites a try and let us know what you feel through the comments section.



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19 Responses to “BlogAdda Vs IndiBlogger – Read this today!”

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Blogadda is definitely less crowded and more inviting than Indiblogger. Yup, too many badges in the homepage kills the aesthetics.

I tried blogadda but did not like the “put this image” thing. IndiBlogger never forces me to do this and I have my blog listed there. Also a few people started following me there.

I think forcing people to do something is not good. I am not sure if its to verify or to get a link back or something. Not sure. If they really want it, they should atleast consider using or something so that the whole thing can be few clicks.

Here we go, both husband and wife commenting 🙂 Yes Prateek, you are right. I have mentioned the same under “Registeration Process” section.

[…] BlogAdda Vs IndiBlogger – Read this today! – Tag line of Blog Adda is “who are you reading today” […]

Hey Prabhu, your friend is right, your comparisons are well researched and insightful! BlogAdda and IndiBlogger are not really in the same space though – IndiBlogger is more focused on the bloggers themselves, and helping them connect to each other. On the upgrade you mentioned in your earlier review, we’ve started parsing the RSS feeds of the blogs in the directory, as announced in this post on our blog. All said, thanks for taking the time to do this and for all the ideas! For the guys behind BlogAdda – kudos on the excellent design and usability, I’ve always admired your work. Hope to meet you guys at the Mumbai blogger meet in April to talk about Prabhu’s scrapping idea. 🙂

Thank you Prabhu for your detailed review. You seem to have taken good time to browse the site and your feedback is really appreciated.

For the registration process, we ask bloggers to put up a really small button to verify the blog. One, it confirms that they own the blog. Two, the process of approving the blogs is manual since we want to include only Indian blogs or blogs by bloggers of Indian origin. We had thought of an automated process but that way, we might have included many non-Indian blogs as well.

Prateek, to make sure that we have Indian blogs and the rightful owners submit their blogs, the process is manual.

Nithya, Glad that you liked the site and thank you for your comments. Ps. register your blog if you haven’t already.

Prabhu, this by far is the most detailed review of BlogAdda. Thanks!

Thanks, Prabhu. I added one image of Blogadda in my blog. Let me hope for some traffic, rather quality traffic.


Blogadda is bets site and its FREE one

This comparison is outdated. Time for a new one.

Thanks. It wil help me. I am going to try both. Currently i have blog catalog in my blog. I heard that blog adda s spamming. Is it true? Any one used it before , pls reply

Any other indian blog catalog there? I have one in my blog . But i didnt saw any significant traffic increase because of that

Indiblogger left blogadda in the dust a long time ago. Blogadda just writes fake blog posts now.

My vote for Indiblogger. After red this post, I have checked the traffic status of both sites, seems indiblogger getting more traffic than blogadda. Yeah, mostly we can agree for this bcoz they are doing work very aggressively and indiblogger providing best user friendly features.


You are right about Indiblogger, it is a great platform for beginner bloggers to drive traffic, I think every Indian blogger must use this platform to become a better blogger.

I mean you can use this media to make an identity in the blogging world.

Blogadda is a joke. Period.

However, Indiblogger needs to work a lot to improve itself, especially in the sections where bloggers can get much needed exposure (such as Indivine): it is brimming full with substandard stuff, thanks to their voting mechanism.

Nicely done! Thanks for this!

I like Indiblogger more than blogadda.. as personally my blogs got more exposure from Indiblogger.. Infact got some bloggers friend through Indiblogger

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I have already registered with Indiblogger , now this is very usefull for me and registering just with blogadda. Thanks.

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