Top 5 excuses given by Indian Startups

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Indian startups seem to give too many excuses, when asked why a particular feature suck or their entire product suck. Here are the top 5 of those excuses.

5. Not able to compete with Biggies

“Kya kare bhai. Google woh feature implement kiya, aur mera sapna katham (English: What to do, Google did that feature and my dreams are dead, Tanglish: Enna panradhu machi, Google adhe feature senjutan. En kanavu gaali)”. Should I mention examples like Google local search, Search over SMS etc?

4. No funding

“We are not a million dollar funded startup to do this”. This excuse gets no 4 ranking. Well, I have seen a number of features which doesn’t require a million dollar investment to fix up. May be an engineer working for a week should do. Also VCs should always be the last source for investment. Remember FFF (Family Friends Fools. VCs come last :))


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